Advantages of Leasing

Leases help guarantee future value of your car

Advantages of Car Leasing

  • Lower monthly payments
  • Lower down payment
  • You can drive a better car for less money each month.
  • Lower repair costs (For 3 year lease Factory warranty covers 36 mos)
  • You can more easily drive a new car every two or three years.
  • You pay sales tax only on the portion of the car you finance.
  • No trade-in hassles at the end of the lease, turn it in or trade it in.
  • Guaranteed Future Value - You don't have to worry about resale value. If your car depreciates more than the estimated residual value in your lease contract at full term, you can turn it in at the end of your lease term. But if it's worth more, you can buy it and keep it, sell it or trade it in. A lease gives you an option.

Leasing makes it easier to get more car for less money. You are essentially paying for a portion of the car, instead of buying the entire vehicle.

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